A holding statement for your pledged shares can be checked and downloaded from our mobile application or on our desktop platform by accessing account.upstox.com

Refer to the links below to understand the steps to check pledge shares in holding statement

How to check and download my holding statement from the mobile application?

1) log in to the Upstox app using your 6-digit Pin or Biometrics


2) Click on the Account tab.

3) Click on ‘Account’ and select ‘Reports’.


4) In ‘Reports’, select ‘Holdings’.


5)In ‘Holdings’, click ‘Filters’  and select a required date to generate the holding report. Click on 'Get Report'


6)Click on scrip  to check the  pledge status 


7) Pledge status  and quantity can be checked after selecting the scrip


Here’s how to check and download your holding statement via our web platform ( account.upstox.com).

1.Log in with your 10 digits registered Mobile number and enter your 6 digit PIN (you will need to create your PIN, in case you don’t already have one). 


2. Click on ‘Reports’.

3. Select ‘Holdings’.

4. Select your required date and click on ‘Get Report’.


5 In the report you will be able to check the pledged quantity of each holding.


6 .To export your file as an Excel or PDF click on the 'Download' button.