To enable the camera, follow these steps:

  • Google Chrome on desktop:
  1. Click on the lock symbol to view site information.
  2. Select "Camera" from the options.
  3. Allow camera access.
  4. Reload the page for the changes to take effect.

Alternatively, you can enable camera by following way,

  1. Click on settings on Chrome 
  2. Select ‘Site settings’ from privacy and security
  3. Select the site ‘
  4. Click on ‘Allow’ for camera access 

  • Using Google Chrome on mobile:

1. Open Settings on your device.

2. Navigate to Site Settings.

3. Access the Camera settings.

4. Turn on the camera function (Note: Steps may vary depending on your phone model).

  • iOS devices:

Manage the app’s privacy permission, follow below steps to do so:

1. Go to Settings > click on Privacy.

2. Click on the Camera to see which apps have access to it. You can allow or block camera access for apps here.

3. Allow camera access permission in which you are doing the IPV.


  • We recommend you to use Google Chrome to complete the IPV process.
  • Even after enabling permission if you’re unable to access the camera, clear your browser cache and cookies.