Client Master report (CMR) is a digitally signed or physically signed certificate, issued by a Broker/DP, containing details of a client who has opened a Demat account.

In case your Broker/DP asks for a Client Master Report (CMR), you can place a request with us for the same 

To request for a CMR, you need to raise a ticket with us from your registered email ID and our team will assist you with the CMR process.

There are two option to opt for CMR

  • Hard copy 

If you opt for a hard copy we will send you the signed CMR on your correspondence address within  2-3 working  days.

Also there is a charge of rs 50 for each hard copy.

  • Soft copy

Once a ticket has been raised by you, our team will send a digitally signed CMR to the registered email address.

Note :

1.Digitally signed CMR copy is used at the time of transfer of securities.

2. The depository regulations don't require submitting a hard copy of the CMR for transfer of shares. In case your broker or DP insists on a hard copy, a customer may present a copy of this circular from NSDL and from CDSL, which states that the transfer is initiated on receiving a digitally signed CMR copy.