The ‘Schedule Order’ feature on Upstox allows traders and investors to place buy/sell orders during non-trading hours. It is available to all customers who have an Upstox trading account and is popularly referred to as AMO or After Market Orders.


The ‘Schedule Order’ feature is very simple to use. Follow the steps below to schedule an order on Upstox:

Step 1. Login to your Upstox Trading account during non-trading hours and choose a stock from Watchlists to trade 

Step 2. Click on the Buy or Sell button to select your side and you will see this message “Markets are closed for the day. Your order will be scheduled and placed when the markets open next for trading”.

Step 3. Fill in other details and click on the ‘Review’ button.

Step 4. Verify the review details screen and swipe to submit the order.

Step 5. You can verify the order status from the Orders tab.

The Schedule Order feature is available during the time slots mentioned below:




4.05 PM-12.00 AM

5.00 AM - 8.58 AM

Future and Options

3.31 PM- 12.00 AM

5.00 AM - 9.13 AM


5.01 PM - 12.00 AM

5.00 AM - 8.58 AM


5.00 AM - 8.58 AM


-You can use the Schedule Order feature to place either a ‘Limit order’ or ‘Market order’

-Limit orders should be placed within the price range specified by the Exchange for the stock, or at the closing price of the day

-You cannot use stop-loss or disclosed quantity features while using the Schedule Order feature

-After scheduling an order, the order can be modified or cancelled

-The Schedule Order feature is not allowed in case of bracket and cover orders