If you wish to dematerialize the physical shares, then you are required to fill up the Dematerialization request form (DRF) form duly signed and send it to us via courier along with the original Share Certificate. For Example: If you have 3 different company's physical shares, then you have to fill up 3 different DRF forms. Charges will be applicable as 20 per Certificate and 50 for courier.

Kindly fill up the details in DRF forms as given below:

  • Client ID as "________"
  • Name of Holder on shares.
  • Name of the Company - Name of company shares which you are Holding
  • ISIN - If available of Physical Form (it should be valid ISIN)
  • Quantity to be Dematerialized
  • Number of Certificates 
  • Details of Securities
  • Signature with DP
  • Signature with RTA

You need to courier the forms and required documents to the address mentioned below:

Harishchandra Sawant (Upstox)
30th floor, Sunshine Tower,
Senapati Bapat Marg,
Dadar (W), Mumbai: 400013
Ph: +91-22-6130-9999


  1. The name on the share certificate should match the name on the Demat account.
  2. If the share certificates are held by a single holder, they can't be dematerialized into a Joint Demat account.
  3. But in the case of a single physical holder, the name on the physical shares should match the name in the Demat account.
  4. As Upstox does not offer joint Demat accounts, we cannot dematerialize jointly held physical shares.

Once you submit the above, it will take 25 days to complete the procedure of dematerializing physical shares.

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