Are you looking to open a new Trading and Demat account on Upstox? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Just follow our step-by-step guide, with complete screenshots, to streamline the process and get you started in no time.

Steps to open a new Trading and Demat account via website:

1. Visit and sign up with your mobile number

2. Next, verify your mobile number by entering the OTP sent on that number

 3. Set a 6-digit PIN to sign-in

4. Enter the 6-digit PIN to sign-in

Steps to open a new Trading and Demat account via app:

1. Download our app via this link

2. Enter your 10-digit mobile number and verify it with an OTP



3. Once you enter the OTP, create a 6-digit PIN and re-enter it to confirm the same 

4. Now you can login & click on the 'Create Upstox Account' button at the top 

5. Next, add your email address by selecting any one option

6. Verify with an OTP for the registered email ID

7.  Enter Personal details and click ‘Continue’

8. Draw your ‘Signature’ or ‘Upload photo’. Kindly ensure your signature matches with your PAN

8 (a). Details on Digital Signature:

If you click on ‘Sign digitally’, ensure you follow the instructions on the screen

  • Signature should be done within the box
  • Initials will not be accepted
  • Signature should be readable and clear
  • Signature should match your PAN signature

8 (b). Details on uploading your signature Manually:

If you want to upload a photo of your signature, please ensure

  • Signature is readable and clear
  • Signature is on a plain white paper in blue or black pen
  • Initials will not be accepted

9. Next enter PAN details and Date of Birth

10. After entering your PAN card number and DOB, a popup will appear. Click "Confirm" to proceed with the same PAN card details displayed on the popup

11. The correspondence address will be visible as mentioned in KYC. If you wish to continue with the same address, you can proceed by clicking on it. 

If you are a KRA-compliant customer, you will proceed to the "Live photo step" after completing this step.

Note: If you’ve an existing Demat account with another broker it means:

  • You are ‘KRA Compliant’ and you’ve completed your registration process with the KYC Registration Agency (KRA) 
  • Your KYC details have been verified and authenticated

12. If your KYC details have not been verified and authenticated, you will need to complete the KYC registration process by linking your DigiLocker with Upstox

Note: If this is your first Demat account, it will mean that you’re ‘Non- KRA’ Compliant as you’ve not completed your registration process with the KYC Registration Agency (KRA). 

Kindly follow the steps below in order to link your Digilocker account with the Upstox Digilocker application.

a. Enter your Aadhaar Number along with the text given in the box

b. Enter the OTP sent by UIDAI on your registered mobile number and click ‘Continue’

c. Now enter your 6 digit Digilocker security PIN

d. The PAN card and Aadhar card, as mentioned, will be automatically selected. The customer simply needs to click on "Allow" to proceed

e. Congratulations! Your Digilocker account is now connected to your Upstox account.

Incase of name discrepancy between your submitted PAN & Digilocker, you have to manually enter your name as per your submitted PAN.

13. On the next screen you will see a request to allow camera access to capture a LIVE photograph (a requirement mandated by SEBI)


  • Customer’s face must be clearly visible
  • Images of customers wearing caps, glasses, headphones, etc., will not be accepted
  • The customer should be the only individual in the image (group photos are not acceptable)

14. Link your Savings/Current bank account for fund transfers for trading and investing. Ensure to add your own bank details, and know that joint accounts are accepted

Note: In a joint account, if the person opening the account is the first holder, the process will proceed. However, if they are the second holder, neither UPI nor the manual process will allow further progression.

A. If you select ‘Verify with UPI’ it is advised to scan the QR code. This will result in an automatic debit of ₹1 to verify bank details. Once your bank account details are verified, the ₹1 will be refunded 

B. If you select ‘Add Bank details manually’, you’ll need to enter your Account Number, IFSC code and name and select an account type (Savings or Current). If details are updated correctly then ₹1 rupee will be credited to your bank account

15. Next you’ll see benefits of your brokerage plan

16. Equity, MF, and IPO will be selected by default.

If the customer wishes to activate FNO, Currency or Commodity, they can select accordingly from the options provided below.

17. If you choose F&O (Futures and Options), Currency, or Commodities, please upload any one of the income proof documents listed in the image below.

18. If you select ‘Bank statement’, select the bank name 

You’ll get to choose from the following two options 

a. Automatically Fetch

b. Upload Bank Statement

18. Then you will see a ‘Nominee Addition’ screen where you can add up to 3 nominees for your account. 

  • Click on ‘Add now’ to add nominees right away or click on ‘Add later’
  • If you click ‘Add now’ then you need to add nominee details

19. The final step is to verify your application with Aadhaar. To do this, you will receive an OTP on your Aadhaar linked mobile number

  • The customer must first check both boxes and then click on ‘Proceed’.

  • The customer will enter their Aadhar number and click on ‘Send OTP’. Additionally, they need to tick the small box mentioned above. Finally, once the OTP is received, they should enter it and click on ‘Verify OTP’.

20. Once you have successfully completed the Upstox Account Opening process you can track your application status. It will take up to 4 working days to verify and activate your Upstox account.