In order to make the new SEBI guidelines easier for you to follow, we have split the Delivery of all equity shares you purchase under 2 separate categories: Demat and T1 holdings. 


  1. How to check Delivery and T1 holdings

  2. What are Demat and T1 holdings

1. On the Upstox platform, you can check Demat and T1 holdings under: 

Step 1: Go to Portfolio → Holdings and Select the stock to view the Holding details.

Step 2: Select the stock to view the Holding details

Step 3: Navigate to the 'History' tab and click on 'View Breakdown'.

Step 4: The 'Net Holdings' page shall be displayed with 'Today' and 'Before' sections.

Step 5: Under the 'Before' section, you can check Demat and T1 Holdings

2. Once an Equity Delivery trade is successfully executed, it takes (T+1) i.e. trade day + 1 additional days for Upstox to receive the stock from the Exchange, as per the SEBI mandated clearing and settlement cycle. And T1 Holdings are Holdings which are yet to be settled by the Exchange.

Example: You bought 10 shares of TCS on Monday. The shares will get transferred from the seller's Demat account to the your Demat account on Tuesday (If all days are working days). 

T1 Holdings are the shares which have been bought from the Exchange, but not yet been delivered to your Demat account as the T+1 day time period is not over. In the above example, since the shares were bought on Monday, on the next working day i.e. Tuesday, the shares will be shown under your  Holdings.

All your stocks that have successfully completed this T+1 days settlement cycle will be listed under the ‘Demat’ section. This signifies that the stock has been successfully credited to your Demat account.

The ‘Total’ will reflect a sum of your ‘Today’s + Demat’ + ‘T1’ Holdings.

Note: As per our risk management rules, if you wish to sell a stock from your ‘Demat’ or ‘T1’ Holdings, our platform will first try to use the quantity of the stock from your Demat holdings and only then search within your ‘T1' Holdings.