Yes, you can buy shares on one exchange and sell the same on another exchange on the next day i.e T+1 day and not the same day.

For example:

if you buy 10 shares of TCS on Monday in NSE, on Tuesday, you can sell 10 shares on BSE.

However, if you buy a stock for intraday on NSE, you cannot square off the long position in BSE, or vice versa. If you do so, two separate intraday positions will be created.

If you want to square off your intraday positions, you have to exit your intraday position on the same exchange.


This is subject to availability of the Stocks on the selected Exchange. Some Stocks may have listed on NSE but not on BSE and vice-versa.

List of Stocks available on BSE: List Of Securities ( )

List of Stocks available on NSE: Available for Trading - NSE India

Step 1: We have simplified the above task for you, if you wish to sell your available stocks from your Demat account go to 'Portfolio’ → ‘Holdings'.

Step 2: On the 'Holdings' page, select a Stock to sell and click on  the 'Sell' button.

Step 3: A popup would be displayed seeking your selection of  the Exchange.

Step 4: If the stock is not available to trade on either BSE or NSE you'll see this message:

NSE- “Trading on the NSE is temporarily unavailable for the scrip” 

BSE- “Trading on the BSE is temporarily unavailable for the scrip”