The process to sell MTF Positions is the same as selling your Demat Holdings on Upstox.

Follow the steps below to Sell an MTF Order:

 1. login to the Upstox app using your 10 digits registered mobile number and create a 6-digit PIN. If you have already created a 6-digit PIN then log in with it.


2. Click on the "Portfolio" tab and then click on the "Position" Tab 

The only difference is that your MTF Stocks will be listed under the ‘Positions’ tab on Upstox and not the ‘Holdings’ tab.

3. Once you select the MTF Stock from the ‘Positions’ tab, click on the 'Exit" button at the bottom of the screen 

Note: Here the CDSL.Tpin needs to be entered to authorize selling (In case you have not updated POA).

4.If you have TPIN, click on the ‘Continue to CDSL’ button. 

5.Enter your TPIN and click on ‘Verify’ 

6.A new OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number and email id for verification. Enter the OTP and click 'Verify'.

7.You will be redirected to the order confirmation page. Confirm your order 

Note: The MTF amount will be reflected in your trading account on the next trading day.

In case you do not have TPIN please click the below link to know the process to generate TPIN

How can I generate a new CDSL TPIN?