MTF orders are subjected to 3 kind of charges

  1. MTF pledging charges

  2. Interest charges

  3. Brokerage

Pledging charges

  • MTF buy transaction: You are charged ₹20 (plus GST) as pledging charges by CDSL

  • MTF sell transaction: You are charged ₹20 (plus GST) as un-pledging charges by CDSL


  • Stocks bought with MTF are pledged with CDSL to safeguard the interest of the broker in a situation where the client is unable to pay off the borrowed amount. 
  • These charges are applicable one time at the end of the day.

Interest charges

  • ₹20/day for every slab of ₹40,000 taken as MTF

  • Interest charges are applicable per day till you exit the MTF position or until repayment

Example: You’ve taken ₹70,000 as Margin Trading Facility. Then you would pay ₹20/day (for the first ₹40,000)+ ₹20/day (for the other ₹30,000) which is a total charge of ₹40/day. 


  •  2.5% OR ₹20/order (whichever is lower)