Yes, MTF is chargeable.


Upstox Charges (applicable per day till you exit the MTF position or until repayment)

  • Interest: ₹20/day for slabs of ₹40,000 taken as MTF.
    Example: You’ve taken ₹70,000 as Margin Trading Facility. 

Then you would pay ₹20/day (for the first ₹40,000)+ ₹20/day (for the other ₹30,000) which is a total charge of ₹40/day. 

  • Brokerage: 2.5% OR ₹20/order (whichever is lower)

CDSL Charges (applicable one time at the end of the day)

Stocks bought with MTF are pledged with CDSL to safeguard the interest of the broker in a situation where the client is unable to pay off the borrowed amount. 


Hence, for every buy MTF transaction CDSL charges ₹20 (plus tax) as pledging charges and for every sell MTF  transaction CDSL charges ₹20 (plus tax) as un-pledging charges.