While using MTF, keep the following in mind:

  • Stock bought as MTF can be held for a period of 90 days and you can find them under your Positions tab on the Upstox platform

  • You can close your Positions at any point in time 

  • You can even convert your Positions to Demat Holdings within 90 days.

  • The maximum exposure you can avail of is up to ₹5 lakhs 

  • You will be charged ₹20/day for slabs of  ₹50,000 taken as MTF 

Example: You’ve taken ₹80,000 as Margin Trading Facility. 

Then you would pay ₹20/day (for the first ₹50,000)+ ₹20/day (for the other ₹30,000) which is a total charge of ₹40/day. 

  • Additionally for an MTF buy and sell transaction, you will be charged a one-time fee of ₹20 (plus tax) by CDSL as pledging and un-pledging charges

  • You’ll also be charged a brokerage of 0.1% or ₹20/order (whichever is lower)

Once you activate MTF, we will also send a complete list of ‘terms and conditions’ to your registered email ID.