From 1st June 2021, we will be discontinuing the NRI accounts service on Upstox. You can transfer your holdings to another Demat account where you can trade or place trades. To transfer your holdings to another Demat account, we request you to use the Easiest facility provided by CDSL.

CDSL Easiest allows you to transfer shares from your Demat account to another CDSL Demat account in an off-market transaction. You can register for the easiest by following the below steps.

You can click on this link to begin the registration process:

1. Enter your 8- digit DP ID (12081800 for all Upstox Demat account holders) followed by your 8-digit client id or BO Id, select the terms and conditions, and click on continue.

2. You will get the OTP on your registered mobile number:

3. Enter the account details and select the “Trusted account” checkbox and click on continue.

4. Enter the trusted account details (This is a CDSL account where you want to transfer the shares)

5. Grouping: You can add any DP ids (BO ids) to the pre-approved list. These will be your CDSL Demat accounts with another depository participant. However, if the pre-approved account does not exist, then you can skip this step.

6. Your registration is now complete.

Note: The Easiest facility is only being provided for NRI customers that had an account with Upstox.

Once your registration is complete, the validation will take 24-48 working hours. You will be able to transfer shares using the easiest after the validation has been completed.