P&L is a Mark to Market (MTM) on any open Positions. It will show what is the unrealized or realized profit/loss for that particular position. 

Steps to check P&L of Positions:

Step 1: Members can check the P&L under the ‘Portfolio’→ ‘Positions’

Step 2: Under the Position's tab, two boxes are displayed as:

  1. P&L Today box represents the overall Profit or loss for today.

  2. P&L Total box represents the overall Profit or loss on positions till date.

Step 3: P&L for individual positions can be checked under the OPEN and CLOSED section.

Step 4: If a user wishes to view detailed P&L for a particular position, he/she shall click on the positions.

Step 5: The Position Details page will be displayed showing day P&L and overall P&L for that particular scrip.