Order requests for exiting positions can be cancelled or modified by following the below steps:

  • Once a square-off or exit positions request is submitted, the confirmation page is displayed with two options as 'View Details' and ‘Done’.
  • If you wish to edit the order submitted, click on the 'View Details' button.
  • The order summary page will be displayed with your requested details prefilled and with 'Modify Order' and 'Cancel buttons'
  • If you want to cancel the requested square off order, slide the 'Swipe to submit order' slider button and the order shall be cancelled successfully.

If you wish to edit or modify details for the submitted exit positions request, click on the 'Modify Order' button. You will be redirected to the Exit Position page. Now, edit the required fields and click on the Review button. Review the details and slide the “Swipe to submit order” slider button.

Once submitted, requests will be placed and a confirmation screen will be shown.

As an alternative, you can always go to Trade→ Orders page and edit or cancel the order request.