If you are encountering any issue while using the mobile app, then we would request you to follow the below troubleshooting steps. 


Follow these steps to below :

     1. Open phone settings

     2. Go to application manager or App settings

     3. Search for Upstox

     4.Click on storage option - Click on clear data , clear storage


Also, if you get a connectivity error, then we would request you to change your network connectivity and try re-login, as it supports 4G network.

Additionally, kindly check if you are using the updated Upstox app (Click on profile icon [top left corner] -> click on setting-> click on general -> click on about -> You will get the app version). 

If not please download the latest version from here for a smooth experience.

After trying all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, if you still face issues then

kindly share with us the details below so that we can assist you further.

  • Screenshots/screen recording of the error being encountered

  • Your Handset/device specifications

  • Version of the OS (from your phone setting)