You can apply for Buy-backs/Takeover/Delisting on by following the steps mentioned below:

  1. You can log in to Keystone from  by using your Upstox User ID and Password.

  2. Go to the Actions tab and click on Corporate Action

  1. Click on the apply button and enter the number of shares you want to tender and click on 'Submit'

  2. You will be redirected to the EDIS approval page from CDSL. Click on continue to CDSL.

  3. Enter your TPIN and verify the transaction      

  4. Your transaction should be approved.

Important Notes:

  • Buy-back/Takeover/Delisting orders are collected until 2:00 PM on the offer end date. Make sure to hold enough quantity in your Demat account before the closure of the offer end date. Shareholders who hold the shares as on the record date will be eligible for the corporate action so do not sell the shares after placing the order.

  • Charges for the orders placed online are flat ₹50 + GST These charges are non-refundable irrespective of orders accepted/rejected/failed.

  • All the funds for your accepted shares will be directly credited to your bank account and if there are any excess shares then it will be credited back to your Demat account by the registrar and transfer agents (RTA).

  • Ensure that you apply your shares during the offer window. Offers cannot be made after the offer window closes. The acceptance ratio will be calculated only when the offer window closes and it will be based on the number of shares applied and the number of retail investors participating in the buy-back.

  • If you apply for more shares than your entitlement, then whether these additional shares will be accepted for buy-back or not will solely depend on the acceptance ratio decided by the company.