When you place an order at Upstox, it is sent to the Exchange and a number for the order is generated. The price matching for the open order takes place in the Exchange and once successfully matched it is termed as a trade. Next, we are sent a confirmation by the Exchange and we display this confirmation to you. 

Despite this why is my traded price not displayed on the high and low values of the chart?

Exchanges send updates to us, (the broker) whenever any value is updated for a given scrip. Updates can be sent as quickly as 20 milliseconds (which is 1/50th of a second!).

And at Upstox, we refresh feeds every 200 milliseconds (which is 1/5th of a second) so if multiple trades are executed within that time gap of 200 milliseconds, then it might go uncaptured occasionally. 

To understand this better here’s an example. The data for scrip is as follows:


Since we read the price every 200 milliseconds (ms), on the first 200th ms it will be recorded as 36.40, then on the 400th ms, it will be recorded as 36.50 (36.60 was not recorded as the latest trade was of 36.50 at the 280th ms ). So in this case the low value was 36.40 and the high value was 36.50 that as shown on the chart.  You might see your trade at a price of 36.60 if your trade was executed in the exchange at the 250th ms. Hence, on such rare occasions, you might not see your traded price between the low and high price range of the chart.