After zeroing in on a smallcase, you can invest in it in a few clicks. You can choose to do this as a SIP or as a one-time investment.

  • As an SIP: 

With SIP, your first installment will always be an amount equal to or greater than the minimum investment amount of that smallcase. This is to ensure that the weighting scheme is maintained to remain true to the underlying theme/ strategy/ model of the smallcase. You can simply tap on Confirm Amount > Start Monthly SIP.

SIP orders are not placed automatically. When the SIP is due, you will receive a notification after which you will be able to execute the SIP in just a couple of clicks. 

You can edit the SIP settings whenever you want to change the frequency, SIP amount and next due date. Simply navigate to your Investments > open the smallcase with SIP active > click on Edit SIP under More Actions.

  • As a one time investment:

If you don’t want to set up an SIP in the smallcase, click on ‘One Time’ to invest in the smallcase as a lump sum investment. Your investment amount should be equal to or greater than the minimum amount. The amount you enter is adjusted to ensure the weights of the stocks are closest to the required weighting scheme. Once you confirm the amount, you can review your smallcase order - the stocks, their weights, and actual quantities.

When you confirm the amount, a funds check is conducted. If sufficient balance isn't available in your Upstox account, you will be asked to add funds.