The first step to investing with smallcase is finding your smallcases. No recommendations or suggestions would be given on which smallcase one should buy. Instead, there are simple ways to search for the smallcase that's right for you.

  • Collections

If you're looking for different ideas, the collections section can be a great way to start.

Here, you can choose smallcases based on popularity, their type, featured smallcases and various collections. A collection is a group of smallcases that have a common thread running through them.

When you click on a smallcase, you can view more about the smallcase - what it is about, the rationale behind it, how it is created, its past performance & the stocks in it along with their weights.

  • All smallcases (filter & sort)

Here you can sort smallcases by various criteria such as Popularity, CAGR, 1Y returns, etc. You can also use filters to find smallcases that match your requirements. Some of the filters are - filter by type, filter by risk, filter by minimum investment amount, etc.

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