smallcases are the easiest way to buy & manage multiple portfolios of stocks.

Our line-up of over 30+ ready-made portfolios that range from trending market themes (growing middle class, increasing internet penetration), investing styles (Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Joel Greenblatt) & sector-specific portfolios help you take a portfolio exposure to an idea or model you believe in with just 2 clicks! Investing in portfolios also gives you diversification benefits.

If you buy stocks of a smallcases directly on Upstox, you won't get the following:

  1. No of shares that you need to buy for each stock
  2. Option to buy and sell a basket of stocks in just 1 click rather than placing orders for individual stocks in Upstox/ trading platform
  3. Portfolio tracking through custom indices for each smallcase
  4. Option to invest more anytime in your smallcase in the same weighting scheme
  5. Quarterly rebalance updates on stocks coming in and going out of a smallcase, and the ability to apply them in 1 click
  6. Option to SIP frequently (weekly/ fort-nightly/ monthly/ quarterly) into the same basket in just 1 click.

To buy a portfolio otherwise on your broker platform, it takes you 100+ clicks - with smallcase, it's a 1 click process for each task (discover, buy, track, manage).