To change your signature, follow the steps mentioned below: 

1. Download and print this account modification form
2. Fill the following fields in the form:

  • Your 6 digit User ID in the UCC box and 8 digit Client ID  (your Demat account number sent via email when you opened your account) in the ‘Client ID’ box

  • Write you name in the  ‘First Holder's’ box

  • Under the ‘Details’ column write ‘Signature’

  • Under the ‘Addition/Modification/Deletion’ column write ‘Modification’

  • Under the ‘Existing Details’ column draw your old signature

  • Under the ‘New Details’ column draw your new signature which you want to update.

  • Below the ‘Declaration’ mention your name under the ‘First Holder’ box and draw your old signature under the ‘Client's Signature’ box 

3.Get a confirmation from your bank on the bank's letterhead that the signature is verified by them. Follow the format mentioned here: Signature confirmation by bank.

4. Self-attest a copy of your PAN card with the updated signature on it

5. Courier the filled modification form, the confirmation letter from your bank and the self-attested PAN card copy with the new signature to the address mentioned below:

Upstox Securities Private Limited

Maxus Facility, 5th Floor

Near Temba Hospital,

Bhayander West, Thane- 401101