There could be five primary factors contributing to the non-visibility of shares in your Upstox holdings. Let's explore each of them in detail:

1.Trade Day

Shares are typically visible under the 'Position tab' on the trading day and will start reflecting in the Portfolio holding on the following day, referred to as T+1.


Another factor that might arise is the generation of a close-out bill due to the unavailability of buyers or sellers in the market. In such cases, the exchange will adjust the bill by either crediting shares or an equivalent amount to your account.

3.Suspended/Delisted Shares

Certain shares might undergo suspension due to various reasons, making them unavailable for trading and subsequently causing them to be invisible in the portfolio. These suspended shares can be reviewed through the Holding report.

4.Corporate Actions

Shares involved in corporate actions might not immediately appear in the portfolio until they are relisted within the specified time period.

5.IPO Shares

The IPO shares are expected to appear in your portfolio holdings on the date they are officially listed. However, you will only be able to trade these shares once the company's listing on the exchange has been completed.

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