There are some reasons why you are unable to see your holdings. Typically, Stocks (Delivery Orders) may not reflect in your holdings under the following scenarios:

  1. Any Delivery Stock bought will reflect in your holdings after T+2 working day. Here's why: Once a buy order is placed for Stocks (Delivery Order), you will see the bought Stocks under the ‘Positions’ tab till the end of the day. From the next day, they will reflect under the ‘Holdings’ tab with a "T1 Holdings" tag.  Then after 2 trading days, this ‘T1 Holdings’ tag will disappear. This is because it takes 2 trading days (T+2) for the Stocks to get delivered from the Exchange to your Demat account. Until then Upstox will keep showing them tagged as "T1 Holdings".
  2. You might be unable to view your holdings in case a close-out bill is generated. A close-out bill gets generated due to the non-availability of buyers/sellers in the market and it will be adjusted by the Exchange either by crediting shares or an equivalent amount to your account. 

    Payout/pay-in of securities are settled by T+2 day. Exchange gives close-out credit instead of shares. The close-out amounts are debited from those who have failed to deliver the securities against their sale obligations and credited to those who had bought the securities but did not receive the same. Note: The close-out amount gets credited/debited in your ledger account.
  3. We are unable to show the suspended or delisted shares in your holdings as suspended shares will not reflect in your holdings until they get relisted. You will be able to view and trade only when the restriction is removed.

You can check the status of suspension on BSEINDIA. Below are the steps:

  • Open
  • Mention the Stock/Scrip which you are unable to see in your holdings 

  • If your Stock/Scrip is suspended you will get the status as shown below :

       4. Stocks resulting out of a Corporate Action (Bonus / Right Issues) will reflect within 15 days.