• Ledger report shows the amount which is credited (comes into the account) and debited (goes out of the account). 
  • It shows the amount utilized in purchasing shares, funds that are received after selling shares, charges deducted in the account, the amount which is transferred in the account and payout taken from the account, and all such transactions which affect the balance in the trading account.

Upstox ledger has several terms in the report like settlement date, trade date, etc. Let us understand the terms in detail - 

 Below is the PDF version of the report.


1. Trade Date: Trade date is a day on which trades or buy/sell transactions are executed.

2. Settlement date: It will show the date on which your traded amount will be settled or will be available for withdrawal. This date is as per rules set up by the exchange.

3.Type: Different entries displayed in the ledger report. Here are a few examples below:

 Fund Transfer

The payment received from the bank account to your trading account via different modes like UPI, net banking,


Payment entry (Withdrawal): 

The withdrawal payment from your trading account to the bank account. It can include manual withdrawals from your quarterly settlement



It shows the entry of bill details which after clicking on the same informs you about the trades, brokerage and charges for that particular day. 

Auto Square off Charges: 

  • All intraday positions that you initiated using intraday orders during the day must be closed off before the market closes. 
  • If not closed manually, Upstox provides an auto square-off facility where our RMS team will automatically close all the positions at the specified time.

Call and Trade Charges :

  • Upstox offers the option of Call and Trade. You can place buy and sell orders by calling us on 022-61309998 / 022-71309998.
  • For every order you place, you will be charged Rs. 50+ 18% GST per order. You can modify the order as many times as you like in a day.

Journal Voucher:

This includes referral benefits & Pledge charges. Other details which are included are Transfer details about MTF. 

4. Narration: It provides the explanation of the transaction for the particular date.

5. Debit: Amount deducted via transactions, withdrawals, and charges can be seen under the debit column.

6. Credit: Amount added after transaction or fund transfer can be checked under the credit column.

7.Closing balance: Amount which is arrived after calculating the difference between credit and debit entries in the ledger.

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