The chart widget is where you can view the intraday and historical data of any stock in an easy-to-understand chart form. To access the chart, select the required stock from the watchlist and then choose the "Charts" tab option. Here, you can see the chart of the selected stock with the following features:

Historical Data: The charting tool utilizes historical data for the last 10 years.

Chart Type: In addition to the basic Candlestick chart, you can use multiple chart types.

Customizable Chart Duration: The charting duration range is customizable. You can select the duration of one Candlestick for charts from 1 minute to 1 month.

Charting Indicators: Upstox offers a wide range of charting indicators. There are a total of 115 indicators that you can easily use. Each indicator can be customized. The video below demonstrates how charting indicators can help you trade on Upstox.

Drawing Tools: The drawing tools in the charts help you easily determine price levels. These tools are powerful and user-friendly. You can draw lines for support and resistance, use Fibonacci retracements, and even mark spots and write for future reference.