Upstox MF platform is designed to make it easy for you to purchase mutual funds and reduce the cost of investing.

If you are already an Upstox Demat Account holder then you can just visit the Upstox MF platform page and start browsing through more than 2,000 schemes available to you. You can choose the fund of your choice and study all the details such as the fund start date, expense ratio, and minimum amount to invest for each fund.

The Upstox product team is focused on providing you with more options for investing and trading. To that end, Upstox has launched the mutual fund platform. You can continue to trade on all the segments of the stock markets with Upstox. At the same time, you can build your investment portfolio when you purchase a mutual fund. As an investor, you can tailor your search according to your financial goals. Upstox has all types of investment options for you. You can purchase the ones focused on saving taxes. If you prefer, you can buy the schemes that yield the most dividends. You can also be growth-oriented and purchase those that are designed to beat the inflation rate.

Search, study, and plan

There are many places where you can purchase mutual funds online. It is vital that you study the components of each mutual fund in order to ensure that you are using your money well to purchase a mutual fund. Upstox team decided to make it easy for you to find, study and understand mutual funds. You can choose the ones suitable for your financial dreams. The search filters and charting tools help you view your potential returns prior to purchase.

Open demat account to start trading using Upstox Pro Web and Mobile. Use the same Demat Account to invest in mutual funds using the Upstox MF platform.

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