Upstox MF platform is designed to make it easy for you to purchase mutual funds and reduce the cost of investing.

If you already have an Upstox Demat Account, simply visit the Upstox MF platform page to explore a selection of over 2,000 schemes. You have the option to select your preferred fund and review essential details such as the fund start date, expense ratio, and the minimum investment amount for each fund.

The Upstox product team is expanding investment options with the launch of the mutual fund platform. While continuing to trade in all stock market segments, you can now build an investment portfolio tailored to your financial goals. Upstox offers various investment options, including tax-saving schemes, high-dividend options, and growth-oriented funds designed to outpace inflation.

Search, study, and plan

Numerous online platforms offer mutual fund purchases. It's crucial to analyze each fund's components to ensure your investment aligns with your financial goals. Upstox aims to simplify this process, providing tools to find, study, and understand mutual funds. Utilize search filters and charting tools to assess potential returns before making a purchase, allowing you to make informed decisions tailored to your financial aspirations.

Open demat account to start trading using Upstox Pro Web and Mobile. Use the same Demat Account to invest in mutual funds using the Upstox MF platform.

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