1. Login to Upstox app using your 6 digit PIN and click on ‘Discover’

2. Under ‘Discover’ you will see the LIC IPO. 

  • Choose the LIC - Employee card to apply as an employee 

  • Choose the LIC - Individual investor to apply as an individual

3. Click on 'Apply' and fill the required information

4. Enter the cut-off price within the price range given for the LIC IPO

5. Click on 'Confirm and Apply' and you will get a mandate on your UPI application for the same

6. Remember: Accept the mandate request in order to confirm your LIC IPO bid

If you have more queries about the LIC IPO, contact us on any day of the week from 9 AM to 6 PM on any of the following numbers:  02241792980, 02271309980, 02269042280.