It’s very simple. 

After logging in, you will land on the homepage. 

There are three main sections on the bottom of the page – Play, Trade, Leaderboard and two supporting tabs on the top - UPruns Wallet and Help

1: Open the link on your mobile or scan the QR code below on your mobile to get started with Upstox Cric Exchange.

2. Click on Login with Phone No.

3.Enter your Phone number and click on " Continue" 

4. You will receive the OTP on the Number Enter the OTP and click on Verify OTP

5. Enter you full Name and Click on Continue.

6. Click ‘Next’ to view information about the key elements of the Upstox Cric- ‘Play’, ‘Trade’ and ‘Earn’

7. On the homepage, click on the ‘Trade’ tab

8. From the given options of the players, click the ‘Buy’ button on your selected player to buy players for your ‘Player Portfolio’

Buy more players for your ‘Player Portfolio’

9. Before every match, go to the ‘Play’ tab and click ‘Create Team’ to create your team for today’s match.

10. Select 5 players playing today from your ‘Player Portfolio’ and click Create Team’.

11.You can click ‘Edit team’ to modify your team before the match. Once decided, click ‘Save Team’ button.


  • Once the team is saved (locked), you cannot change the players until that particular match ends.
  • If there are two matches being played at the same time, you can pick a mix of players from all teams.
  • You can continue buying/selling players that are not part of your selected ‘My Team’ during an ongoing-match.