You can pick a team of five players in any combination from the 4 playing teams of the day. 

For instance, in a scenario where A vs B and C vs D are the two matches planned for today, you could - 

  1. You could pick all 5 players from A or B or C or D (only one team)

  2. You could pick 2 players from team A and 3 players from team B OR pick 1 player from Team A and 4 players from Team B (picking players from one match only)

  3. You could pick a mix including players across all of these teams, like 2 players from A and 1 player each from B,C and D or 1 player from A, 2 players each from B and C etc

Any combination works - but, your selected five for today’s ‘My Team’ can only be from the playing teams on that respective day.

NOTE - Once you pick 5 players from your portfolio to compete in Today’s Match, you cannot Buy/Sell them till the day’s matches end

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