UPruns is the virtual currency in this game used as mode of payments. Whether you want to buy a player, or redeem your rewards, UPruns is all you need.  You will be given 1000 UPruns at the start of the game.

To Earn Upruns

There are two modes to earn UPruns:

  • Performance of the players is key. You earn UPruns based on how the players you have selected and locked for a particular match performs on that particular day. There are no negative points. For poor performance, the player gets zero points.

  • Like an actual stock exchange, the prices of the players constantly change in this game based on the player’s performance in real life. You can analyse the prices and performance to decide when to Buy/Sell players

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Upstox Cric Exchange

More UPruns, More Rewards

Open the link https://cricexchange.upstox.com/ on your mobile or scan the QR code below on your mobile to get started