• Whenever you buy shares, the amount which is debited from your account is more than the actual buy amount because taxes and charges are also included in the final transaction amount.
  • For e.g., if you have bought 1 share at ₹100 then the actual buy amount is ₹100 but taxes and charges also need to be added so including brokerage and taxes the amount which will be shown in the ledger will be higher than ₹ 100 i.e. ₹100+brokerage and taxes.
  • In the case of selling a share, the same rule applies. If you sold 1 share at ₹100 then the amount which will be credited in the account will be ₹100 - brokerage and charges. 

You can check brokerage & charges by clicking on ‘Bill details’ which are shown in your ledger report

Click on Bill details to view the brokerage and charges.

You can check the Brokerage, taxes and charges which are levied in the account.

Example: In case of a buy transaction

In the screen below, the buy amount is ₹ 24,478/- (trading amount)

We shall now add the following brokerage and charges to the actual buy amount

The trading amount ₹ 24,478.8 + ₹ 29.5 (brokerage & charges)=  ₹ 24,503.8/-(the actual amount which is debited in the ledger)