Tickertape is a smart investment analysis platform with features like Screeners, comprehensive asset pages, active Watchlists, and more. It supports various asset classes - stocks, Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Indices. With 200+ filters, stock forecasts, pre-built screens, and other tools, Tickertape helps you analyze your investments better.

Below are the steps to know how to login to Tickertape:

1. Click here: https://www.tickertape.in/

2. Once you click on the link it will redirect you to the landing page

Click on the 'Login' tab here.

3.Now click on the 'Login' button.


4. Currently, there are 4 ways to login to Tickertape. You need to login via Upstox.

5. You will see a pop-up window. Click on ‘Continue with Upstox’, which redirects you to the login page of Upstox. 

6.Here you need to enter your 10-digit registered mobile number which is linked with Upstox.


7. You will receive an OTP on your mobile number and your email address, enter the same to verify and proceed.


8.Enter your 6-digit PIN and click on 'Continue'

9.  Once you have logged in successfully through Upstox, you will be redirected to the verification screen

Click on the 'Send Verification Email' button.

10. Once you click on ‘Send verification email’ you will see the next screen.

11.Login to you email and then verify the email address by clicking the  'Verify email address' button.


12. Once the verification is done, follow the steps mentioned below to avail the Upstox Tickertape offer. 

How To Avail the offer at Upstox.

13. Click on the link sent to your registered email to claim the offer.

Please Note Once you have completed the above steps, to avail the offer you need to login via the link sent to your email. 

Note: You will also receive this link on your registered email ID.  

14. Click on ‘Get started’ button.

15. Here you can see your Pro account and the expiry date of the offer.

Enjoy the 6 month subscription of Tickertape

In case of any queries Click here to raise a ticket