Margin Pledging option is currently active only on our older app, downloadable here:

 Android : Upstox 

 iOS : Upstox 

To unpledge the pledged shares follow these steps, if you are using our old app:

1.Login to our mobile app using your User Id and Password


2.Click on Profile and select ‘My account’

3.Click on the hamburger icon


4.Select the ‘ Unpledge’ option under Margin Pledge


5.Select the stocks (scrips) and quantity that you would like to Unpledge


To understand this calculation, here’s an example based on the estimated value 

(To Unpledge Qty’ x (100 - Haircut) x Closing Price)/100  

6.Click on ‘Review’


*In case you have placed the unpledge request before 4:00 PM, it will be processed on the same day and  the applicable margin will be updated and shares will be released on the next working day. 

7.You will be redirected to the confirmation page 


8.Check the box to read and accept the applicable Terms & Conditions


9.Click on ‘Submit’ 


10.When the Unpledge request has been accepted, you will see the below screen


11.Select the dashboard option to check the unpledge details


12.Unpledge shares details can be checked here