If you are unable to login in your mobile application, then we would request you to kindly clear all cache memory and data of the application.


  • Follow these steps to do:

1. Open phone settings

2. Go to application manager or App settings

3. Search for Upstox Pro

4.Click on storage option - Click on clear data , clear storage


  • If you are a mobile app user, and if you aren’t using the latest version of our mobile app please update your app to the latest version


Please refer to the below link to download and install the application.




  • Please update your Google Chrome browser application 


  • If you get a connectivity error, then we would request you to change your network connectivity and try login in once, as it supports 4G network.



If you are still facing connectivity issues to login please provide the device details i.e. model number, version of the operating software and version of Upstox application installed.


After trying all the troubleshooting steps mentioned above, if you still face issues then kindly share with us the screenshot/screen recording of the error so we can check and assist you further.