To enable market data feed plugin you need to have an account with Upstox. If you don't have one then you can open an online demat account right away. Once you open an account, the first thing you need to do is purchase a developer’s plan for your account. You have to visit

Follow the steps below after visiting the link:

  • Enter your Upstox login credentials.

  • Click on "Billing" and enter the amount to add to your account to purchase a plan.

  • Once the amount is added, click on "Create app."

  • Select "Bridge" and you will see "Market data feed" below.

  • First select the segment you want to enable your account for and the prices will be reflected in the plans below.

  • Select the appropriate plan.

  • Second step is to create a Password which will be used in Amibroker for validation. Your UCC will be your Username which cannot be changed.

  • Click on "Create App" button once you have selected all the required fields.

  • In the "Dashboard" you will see an app created which will show your Username and Password with the plan’s expiry date. You can edit details or delete the app at any point in time.

Completion of this process means your account is now enabled. Now you will be required to download a Market Data Feed Plugin which will input all the necessary settings to support the market data feed. You should have Amibroker(32-bits) installed on your system. Install the plugin once downloaded.

Note: While installing you would be required to install as “Run as administrator”

After generation of the Username and Password you would be required to perform the last step of creating a database in Amibroker. Open Amibroker and follow the steps below:

1. Create a new Database (File->New->Database)

2. Enter the Database Name and click Create Button

3. After creating the Database

  • Select Upstox data plug-in for Data Source

  • Number of bars 100000

  • Base Time interval as 1Minute


4. Select Intraday Settings Button (Database Settings)

  • On Filtering Select “Show day session only

  • Trading Hours(local time) Start time 09:00 and End Time 16:00

  • Tick the checkbox "Allow Mixed EOD /Intraday Data" and click OK.


 5. Select Configure Button and Fill required details as Auth Server, API Server, User Name and Password, Transport: HTTP and select OK.

  • Auth server:

  • API server:

  • Username: Enter your client ID



Then after you are ready to go.

Symbol format

Equity Name (N.Exchange Ticker)


Index Name(N.IndexName)


Contract Futures (N.Exchange Symbol with expiry)


Continuous Futures (N.Exchange Ticker-1M)


Options (N.Exchange Symbol with expiry and strike price)


Bank Nifty Weekly Options (N.Exchange Symbol with YYMdd and strike price Option Type)

N.BANKNIFTY1760216600CE - June

N.BANKNIFTY1780323800PE- August

N.BANKNIFTY17O0619800CE - October

N.BANKNIFTY17N1018800PE – November