Upstox does not recommend or suggest the purchase of a particular Mutual Fund via a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). However, Upstox offers access to a variety of funds that you can choose from. Just visit the 'Browse funds' section and choose the type of fund you wish to invest in via SIP.

Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) allow investors to invest their money in Mutual Funds at predetermined and fixed regular intervals.

How to invest via a SIP?

Placing a Mutual Fund order via SIP on the Upstox App is simple!

Just follow the steps given below :

1) Login with your User ID and password.

2) Enter your birth year to verify your login.

3) Go to the 'Invest' tab from the bottom navigation bar and click on the 'View All Funds' from the Mutual Funds section.

4) Scroll or search for the required fund from the Search/Browse Fund option.

5) Once you select the fund, you will see options such as ‘Start SIP’ or ‘One Time’ or both. Click 'Start SIP'.

6) You need to enter the amount that you wish to invest in that particular fund. Click on 'Continue'.

7) Input the frequency of the SIP and the date to deduct the SIP amount. Click on ‘Continue to bank selection’.

8) Select the bank for your SIP investment and click 'Continue to review order'.

9) Review your order and click ‘Place Order.

10) Your SIP order is placed. You can also set up an auto-debit system.

Here's how you can set up the auto-debit system for paying your SIP installments, depending on the type of mandate generated - based on your bank. 


1) Take a printout of the mandate form.

2) Sign and mention your name as per the bank records.

3.) Scan the signed mandate form.

4) Email the scanned image/file to us at

Note: You must not edit any other content that is mentioned in the mandate form.

Online /E-Mandate

1) Log in to the Upstox MF Platform using User ID and Password.

2) Click on the Portfolio.

3) From the SIP tab click on the scheme name.

4) Click on the 'Approve E Mandate' button below and follow the steps thereafter.