Follow these steps to place an order:

-Click on the stock you want to place an order from the watchlist.

-Click on Buy or Sell on the scrip details screen to view the order entry screen. 

-On the order entry screen you need to enter the values in mandatory fields. i.e. Quantity, Price etc. Check this section on how to fill the Order entry screen. Refer to How to Fill Order Entry section below.

-Click ‘Review’ and Click on ‘Buy or Sell’ button.

How to Fill Order Entry:

Step1: Select if you want to place a ‘Delivery’ or an ‘Intraday’ order. You can read more about Delivery and Intraday here.


Step 2: Enter the quantity you want to order. You can use the + / - buttons to increase or decrease the quantity. For FnO scrips, clicking on + / - buttons will increase / decrease the lot directly.

Step 3: Enter the Price and Trigger price (for SL orders)


Step 4: There are four types of Order: 

  • Market

  • Limit

  • SL Limit

  • SL Market. 

Step 5: You can know more about different stock market order types here.


Additional Settings: These are optional settings which give you more control over your order and are not necessary for mandatory to place an order.

  • Validity: Select the validity for your orders. There are two types of validity, IOC and Day. To read more about Validity options here.

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